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On the elevator control system simulation
In order to study the elevator group control system and related issues, with the current research status of the elevator control system, after the completion of the test bench research work can be carried out as follows: (a) verify the group control algorithm as the core function of the part of the test rig. Test Bench provides group control algorithm standard input and output interfaces, can provide an implementation platform for a variety of group control algorithm, and outputs the lift needed to run the simulation results based on the data requirements.

(2) bus technology applied research bus technology has been widely applied to various industrial fields. The elevator system input and output nodes are more traditional manner using a large number of cables connecting the nodes, there are more potential points of failure, while a large number of cables for installation and maintenance inconvenient, using bus technology can not only reduce the number of cables simplify installation and maintenance work, while laying the foundation for a modular elevator control system.

(3) elevator running real-time monitoring system test bed PC real-time data acquisition elevator running, running for the elevator to monitor various parameters, statistical data stored in the database and running the elevator. Test rig consists of four sets of elevator group control run the emulator with a total of 32 layers station, simulation signal input and output as well as the management of the elevator group control real-time run.

Elevator simulation runs in real-time to send the elevator current running state, accept dispatching instruction group control system and sends a coded signal corresponding to a single ladder display decoder. The system can work in two ways: one is to use hardware system call signal drive mode, the system generated by the key signal panel on call to run; Another is the use of reading the preset passenger traffic data-driven approach, system does not require human intervention keys, so you can quickly run the simulation process, produce statistical results.

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