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Elevator safety issues that must be taken seriously
Residential building, take the elevator to the elderly, children and physically disabled persons, etc., so the state should be equipped with specialized residential elevator elevator workers, elevator workers belonging to special equipment and operating personnel should be specially trained, certified after passing the examination posts. Residents take the elevator in case of failure or sudden power outage occurred elevator, absolutely do not panic, everything is trained to listen to the assessment of the elevator work arrangements and processing. Take the escalator (ie elevator button function on autopilot election, is not equipped with a special lift workers inside the elevator car), if encountered after the failure of the elevator (plus landing door car door is not properly closed starting operation, the selected level layer failure, abnormal noise and vibration, touch the metal parts have hemp electrical phenomena, etc.), passengers should immediately press the emergency stop, the car alarm button or use the telephones notification elevator maintenance personnel, do not start landing door and Pa car door, do not climb safety window, to avoid accidents.

When the elevator is moving to a sudden power failure occurs while suspended, passengers should try to keep calm and not notice the elevator maintenance personnel as soon as possible. Should obey the command to retreat from the safety car. Currently elevator emergency power supply in the form used are: (l) emergency lighting: a sudden power failure occurs when the lift is in motion, emergency lights inside the elevator car should work immediately, so maintain normal lighting inside the car. (2) power failure operation (off re-leveling device). Elevator batteries will provide power to run the car to the nearest layer, back away from the passenger door of the car. Old-fashioned elevator without such devices can be used by maintenance staff room round disk drivers, the elevator nearest leveling, back away from the passenger car. If they are passengers in the event of fire to burn delay emergency treatment should be shipped as soon as possible to take advantage of floors: to secure a landing, and the layers of landing door closed to prevent the fire from spreading to other floors.

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