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Future progress resolve the trend of energy-saving elevator
Energy-saving elevator is the main trend in the elevator industry in the coming years of development, the company has been committed to the development and marketing of a new generation of green energy-saving elevator products. With the maturity of the use of energy-saving technologies elevator company, the series with four heavy lift products are energy-saving system.
(A) permanent magnet synchronous drive
IPM main series elevators are used as a permanent magnet synchronous motor traction machine, the traction machine with high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, low torque ripple and smooth operation and so on. Transmission efficiency of more than 90 percent, compared to traditional traction machine efficiency increased nearly 50 percent, greatly reducing the power consumption and heat release, and without gear box, saving the required traditional lift fuel consumption, eliminating environmental pollution, but also reduces the vibration and noise. While its characteristics have maintenance-free, which can greatly reduce the workload of routine maintenance.
(2) integrated control computer network synchronous inverter technology
Elevator control systems used in each series is the latest scientific and technological achievements ── new generation of intelligent integrated vector control system E-COM. Advanced integrated variable frequency drive technology, breaking the barrier control panel and inverter technology, the introduction of the 5M design philosophy, science-based man-machine features automatic calculation function arbitrary curves, curve runs to provide the most comfortable for any distance. Curve smart algorithm that allows the elevator car during acceleration cut to minimize passengers irritable mental, improve operational efficiency elevator. High-performance closed-loop vector control response speed DSP technology and high-speed, rapid response to load changes, radical improvement vertical vibration elevator running. Meanwhile, advanced remote monitoring technology, IE and real value-added features provide a reliable guarantee for building intelligent control or remote monitoring.
(3) energy and energy regeneration feedback
Introduced the use of the elevator and the regenerative feedback energy technologies, such that the motor has been switched to the mechanical load on the inverse transform can be recycled back into electrical energy, electric power load of the motor and the power consumption in a unit time decreases, so as to achieve energy-saving the purpose.
(4) Bypass frequency control technology
Introduction of bypass frequency control in the use of the elevator, you can automatically monitor the elevator load and run state to decide to use the instantaneous frequency control drive or switch to the frequency control state drive, to achieve a greater level of saving energy use. This technology has been applied for a patent. These are the company's own production technologies or improvements, now in high-volume application stage. The company will use these proven techniques to produce the main areas of products, made a good effect on the market.

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