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Performance advantages Elevator LCD advertising machine
Its performance advantage Elevator LCD advertising machine has the following main points:

First, the 175-degree Perspective, to provide you with the perfect visual effects

One of the main project view angle but the elevator floor display. Although we were able to watch the CRT display images presented from various angles, but the elevator floor display (LED), but must watch from the front to be able to get the best visual effects. If from another point of view, the brightness of the screen will darken (brightness loss), color change, and even some products will become negative by Just like.

Second, professional industrial host, more stable performance

Elevator multimedia research and development of multimedia professional industrial lift the host, using the application "Embedded Systems" "fanless structure," "chassis cooling" "SSD" "Box" "flat-style" and other new technologies, new products, adapted to the automation product "miniaturization", "intelligent", "low-power" trends, has greatly improved the stability of the system IPC, but also reduces the cost of manufacturing and application.

Third, large wide viewing angle, any direction can enjoy clear picture

Elevator floor display, using the latest technology to expand the viewing angle of the screen. Thus, the best elevator floor display, its viewing angle has been able to close a CRT monitor, is about 87.5 degrees on each side, which is the horizontal viewing angle of 175 degrees, almost able to see the contents of the screen from any angle. In general, the 140-160 degree viewing angle becomes large elevator floor to absorb it displays basic indicators. For 15 inches or 15 inches below the elevator floor display smaller size, 120-degree viewing angle would be sufficient to show the complete picture. The left and right sides of the viewing angles are generally greater than the vertical viewing angle, that is perpendicular to the horizontal viewing angle is less than the viewing angle (typically between 120 to 140 degrees).

Fourth, the signal acquisition board designed for multimedia design more powerful lift.

Elevator Elevator multimedia displays real-time display of various operating status (up or down floor display, overload, fire, maintenance, drivers and other signals, and according to customer source access can access), to replace the original LED display. Elevator signal wiring access support parallel, serial, CAN protocol interface (can be customized according to user requirements). If the customer can not provide protocol interface, you can use our self-developed signal acquisition board the elevator, the elevator up and down the floor display, overload, fire, maintenance, drivers and other signals, and signal source access can access according to customer requirements. When the elevator did not call signal after a few minutes (time can be customized according to user requirements), the elevator up and down the line signal will disappear, leaving only the floor signal when someone call up and down the line signal elevator will automatically appear, agreement is consistent with the elevator signal; course, especially not when the elevator on the second floor to the first floor yet, is already the case downstream direction arrow upward direction of the arrow. Simple wiring, signal stability, absolutely consistent with the protocol interface signals.

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