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Debris Elevator
The economical transport shows the strong pulse of the times
FODUS dumbwaiter provdes small freight elevator in various buildings with prompt,convenient and econmical vertical transport.It greatly saves time and labor resources.It is widely applicable for the hotel,restaurant,bank,hospital deliver food,drink,dining ware,daily products and so on.

Car design of service elevator
Car design of FODUS dumwaiter appears modern and imposing。It is full of the rational and sensational aesthetics. What is more,the multiple styles of the car materials are avaliable for the customers' free selections.It maximumly satisfie the diverse and indivdual choices for the construction style and taste.

Slideway with the novel design

We uniquely design double section materials special-purpose slide-way. Central part connects running by door slider.It reinforces the smooth elevator door opening, reduces door sheet clearance.It is convenient for installation and adjustment.

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