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We are most considerate for you through our professional services.

Serving vast customers is our only objective. We assume that the core of service does not lie in the process.but the very result.We not only require the extensive sals of our elesvators.We also demand 100% satisfaction from our clients.FODUS Elevator is engaged in enhancing the prosonnel's skill and quality.We struve to well-settle the service sfficiency and quality. Theerefore the clients can truly experience our suoerior and professional services. The clients of FODUS Elevator can get the nation-wide high quality,high standard and the professional serivces.Our 24-hour round-the clock for you only aims at winnong great satisfaction from you.

Fixed points

Estabish multi-form communication paltforms.To provides the clints with the superior services at the fixed points.

EXecte 24-hour emergency repair servicr and regular repair/mintenance.

Accept front-line skill trainees guantitatwely to form the repair networks each year.

Elevator daily maintenance

■ Our 12-mouth quality guarantee begins affer the elevator has been installed and inspected by our clients.
Dur our guarantee period,we will send our maintenance specialists to maintain the elevator on site.The maintenance cycle will be controlled Twice a month.Our maintenancce specialist will submit an elevator maintenance report every three months to our clients,we will fully follow clients’ arrangements if special requirements for maintenance schedule are asked.Should any problems occur during the guarantee period;our company specialist will solve them within 24 hour from the moment of notification.Before the  due of the quality guarantee,we will thoroughly insrect and test the elevator free of change for our clients and reslve existing problems if any. During the guarantee period,clients can contact us via our 24-hour hotline.

■ Sign the maintenance and repair cintract with our clients
After signing the contract with our clients, we will sand our specialists to repair and maintain the elevator on site,on a regular basis of every 15 days, we will consider our clients's arrangements if they have any special requirements in terms of repair and maintenance schedule.Our clients can call our 24-hour hotline for emergency service.We provide a through inspection annually
free of charge,and will repair the elevator at the most favorable price if needed.

Supply of spare parts

■ Within the quality guarantee period
We will freely replace any broken spare parts which go wrong during normal operation for our clients.We will also supply some spare parts on site for replacement during daily maintenance.

■ After the quality guarantee period
The replacement parts should ensure theconsistent,sage and eifficient of elevators.After signing the repair and maintenance contract,the spare parts will be our clients at the most favorable price.We also offer some replacement parts for daily maintenance.

■ Technical training
We will send our maintenance specialists on site to train two members of personnel free of charge for our clients.


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